[[File:|left|20px]]Union Slash - Deadly Domination[[File:|right|20px]]
Union Slash - Deadly Domination
Kanji 相ノ太刀・蒼覇十文字斬り
Rōmaji Sounotachi Souha Jyuumonji Giri
Craft Statistics
Base Damage  ??
Effects  ??
Range Type  ??
Power Rank SSS?
Game Designation
User Rean Schwarzer
Crow Armbrust
Game(s) The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel II
Obtained Final Chapter (default)
(Rean , let's do this!) Right!!...(Hwooh)Haaah...Union Slash, Deadly Domination!!!
—Rean and (Crow's) S-Craft announcement

Union Slash - Deadly Domination (相ノ太刀・蒼覇十文字斬り Sounotachi Souha Jyuumonji Giri) is the combination craft of Valimar and Ordine in Trails of Cold steel 2


Both Valimar & Ordine dash in in opposite directions, striking their target in an ‘X’ of bright light. Then Ordine turns around to drive the double saber into the target’s backside, followed by Valimar slashing a downward strike. Both Divine Knights leap further distance from the target, Both Diving Knights power up their respective armaments while positioning themselves before dashing off. Ordine delivers two shock waves while Valimar delivers a dash strike slash attack while sheathing it’s blade in place. The combination causes a powerful eruption from the ‘X’ mark from when the Divine Knights started to finish to elope the target, delivering a large surge of damage.



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