Valimar customize menu

Valimar's customisation menu in the epilogue of ToCS2

Following the introduction of the Divine Knight System at the finale of Trails of Cold Steel, another unique feature in succeeding its predecessor game is the option to customize Valimar for the mechanoid fights.

While from the previous games where the player can customize other vehicles such as the paint coating with the Orbal Car in Ao no Kiseki, and the Orbal Motorcycle in Trails of Cold Steel 2. Valimar's status will increase in terms of mana capacity in response to its Awakener as the story progresses.

Powers and Abilities

Spirit road sen
  • Spirit Path: An ancient teleportation ability that utilises the spirit veins connected throughout the Imperial continent. It allows up to designated people to travel instantly to even the distant locations. But the number of destinations are limited between where animists are hold. By using it however, it consumes most of the knight's mana.
  • Telepathy: The knight can telepathically communicate with its Awakener
  • Healing Factor: The knight can heal its awakener by exchanging its mana
  • Summoning: Valimar can be summoned by Rean outside of Divine Knight Battles into normal battle. The effect lasts for several turns, and can be used once per battle.


Ex-orb list english
The Exalted-Orbs enhance Valimar's strength, defence and speed parameters like regular orbment quartz when equipped. They are accessible after recruiting Clara aboard.
Name Effects Synthesis Materials
HP Orb 1 HP +7500 Tear, U-Material
HP Orb 2 HP +15000 Teara, U-Material x5
HP Orb 3 HP +30000 Tearal, U-Material x15
Power Orb 1 STR +250 Attack 1, U-Material
Power Orb 2 STR +500 Attack 2, U-Material x5
Power Orb 3 STR +1000 Attack 3, U-Material x15
Shield Orb 1 DEF +250 Defense 1, U-Material
Shield Orb 2 DEF +500 Defense 2, U-Material x5
Shield Orb 3 DEF +1000 Defense 3, U-Material x15
Speed Orb 1 SPD +5 Action 1, U-Material
Speed Orb 2 SPD +10 Action 2, U-Material x5
Speed Orb 3 SPD +20 Action 3, U-Material x15

Crafts and Commands

  • NOTE: The italicized text are the differences when Rean uses "Awakener's Call"
Name CP Cost Description Obtain
Lustrous Slash
Attack (B), Impede - Can't guard/counter
Unbalance Rate 30%
Attack (Class B) - Area (XL)
Act 1 - Part 1
Flame Impact
Attack (A), Burn (50%) - Can't guard/counter
Unbalance Rate 60%
Attack (Class S+) - Area (XL), Burn (30%)
Act 1 - Part 1
Flame Dragon
Attack (A), Burn (100%) - Can't guard/counter
Unbalance Rate 60%
Attack (Class S+) - Area (XL), Burn (60%)
Rean must learn Flame Dragon (Level 95)
Morning Moon
90 Self-Support, 100% chance to evade and counter
Unbalance Rate 30%
Act 1 - Part 1
Heavenly Slash
Attack (S), Seal (100%) - Can't guard/counter
Unbalance Rate 100%
Attack (Class SS+) - Area (XL, Seal (100%)
Act 1 - Part 3
JAP Update V.01
Retreats 0 Rean ejects from Valimar, but not an actual retreat

Partner System

The most valuable indispensability in the Divine Knight Battles is linking with one of your party members and borrowing their strength to utilize the following commands. In Trails of Cold Steel II, Rean can access this feature after assemebling most of the disperesed Class VII members[1] as they are secondary contractors from the Old Schoolhouse trials, supporting them with Link Attacks and EX-Arts.

Link Attack BP Partner Effect Obtain
Destructive Impact
3 N/A (Valimar with fist) Attack (Class S+) Default
Enlighten Domination
3 N/A (Valimar with sword) Attack (Class SS) Act 1 - Part 1, 2nd Battle (replaces above)
Sunlight Blade
5 Alisa / Sara Attack (Class SSS) - Burn Act 1 - Part 2
Sacred Blade
5 Elliot / Jusis Attack (Class SSS)
STR/ATS -25% (3 Turns)
Act 1 - Part 2
Dragon Blade
5 Laura / Gaius Attack (Class SSS) - Seal
Moonlight Blade
5 Emma / Machias Attack (Class SSS)
DEF/ADF -25% (3 Turns)
Act 1 - Part 2
Starlight Blade
5 Fie / Millium Attack (Class SSS)
SPD -25% (3 Turns)
Act 1 - Part 2
Union Slash - Deadly Domination
5 Crow Epilogue - Final Battle


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