Victor S Arseid CS3
Victor S. Arseid is another man of extraordinary capability like Cassius Bright and Arios Maclaine. Flexible to handle the countless responsibilities as Viscount, head instructor of the family's swordsmanship and captain of the Courageous. He is strongly perceptive enough to trust others in charge of the work while absent, even the faintest presence such as Celine, Emma’s familiar.

But his known feats is the strength to wield a massive blade so deftly with a single hand, since he is a swordmaster and successor of the Arseid school. Thereby possessing inhuman strength which makes him well respected by many and feared by his foes, whereas only few can go against him on par strength such as McBurn, the Enforcer whose strength can match with Arianrhod. Even when Rean was using his inner power that he feared so much, Victor managed to keep up with Rean’s increase speed to block his blows even while holding back.

He wields the Galland-Sharl, the Arseid's family heirloom passed down through generations from their ancestor who was the second-in-command of the Eisenritter 250 years ago.

Battle Scope: The Arseid school’’s foremost practitioner known as the Radiant Blademaster. Wields a sword with inhuman strength.

Crafts & S-Crafts

  • Radiant Spin: Focuses a light blue area of particles around himself, before unleashing a sword spin action all around him while it forms a whirling wave form of wind to cause a large sum of damage.
  • Radiant Cleaver: Wielding the great sword in one hand to charge it up in a blue glow to rear it up backwards, before lashing it in a downward strike. Creating a massive light-blue crescent sword beam that cleaves across the ground several meters while inflicting damage on an opponent faraway or close by.
  • Radiant Phoenix Slash: Victor's S-Craft where charges up his sword with light of even brighter radiance extending its length, then takes a swing down of many fast image movements. This move will completely knock a target’s HP down to zero, always dealing 49999 damage and ignoring Adamantine Shield. Noted: This move maybe said to be the Radiant Blademaster’s signature technique, as it has quite a surprising effect when others see it in action. He will only use this most powerful move if Rean manages to both survive and whittle his HP by a sufficient amount, which is very difficult unless the player is on a lower difficulty level or in New Game Plus.
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