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Vita is shown to be a popular opera signer of which her soothing voice has earn her fame. But as another identity known as Misty, she shows skills in disguising herself for no one to recognize her, plus become a popular radio host on Abend Times. But the REAL truth of what she’s capable of is revealed, as Vita is a very powerful advance witch from the Hexan Clan, capable of performing high level witchcraft spells. Creating illusion projections of things happening elsewhere, or allow others to be seen in making a broadcast. She can even cast a spell on her Familiar to empower them and change form. But even as a witch, she has shown that she can even use her voice and song to create powerful spells that take effect on her targets. When she and Crow use a Combat-Link, they become a force to be reckon with that even give Class VII a hard time.

Battle Scope: Ouroboros’ Second Anguis, Witch of the Abyss. Sings with her familiar, beckoning the story to its end.


-Dancing Blades: Vita holds up her arms & staff with a glowing red magic circle, as she conjures a bright red sphere that vanishes to reveal six hovering crimson flame swords. As they levitate off to deliver one strike after the other on the number of targets, delivering some damage before vanishing. Noted: These were the very same blades used that took down a powerful Magic Knight in one blow when Class VII was exploring the final ruin to obtain Zemiroin Ore.

-Frozen Prison: Vita holds out her left hand while a spell circle appears beneath her. Then a violet-purple swirling void appears beneath the targets, before the floor becomes frozen and ice spikes pop from beneath that grow larger and larger until encasing everyone inside before imploding to shatter bits while dealing a considerable amount of damage. Effect: CRITICAL.

Vita’s S-Craft:

-Aria Of The Abyss: Vita will begin to channel a great power around her, as a turquoise aura is around before she makes something rise up from below it; taking the form of an opera house inside with Vita on a balcony, as she swings her arms out while making a chant. The targets on the open opera floor suddenly see a large size spell circle forming around them glow violet. Then it changes to show a turquoise color of a floor pattern of…skeleton bones. Then a dark purple void portal opens beneath, as ghostly hands reach up to bring the targets down with them. When brought down, beneath the skeleton floor out, a black sphere will be seen falling in a gray void, before becoming droplet that impacts a light-turquoise pond to vanish away, delivering a large sum of damage. Effect: ALL CANCEL, CRITICAL.

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