Water Melody (水底のメロディー) is an ancient magic composed by the Blue Tribe's Resonance Magic mentioned in The Legend of Heroes III: Song of the Ocean. McBain receives one from Shao, which inspires him to go on a journey.

"It is said that the lost ancient people of the "Water Tribe" used a variety of powers by playing musical melodies. According to records on the tribe, they used 24 basic phrases associated with different powers. Each phrase had a theme; they were... Target, Technique, Perseverance, Force, March, Hermit, Mirror, Life, Love, Purification, Fire, Light, Earth, Water, Wind, Darkness, Spirit, Lullaby, Bind, Mind's eye, Quagmire, Time, Confusion, and Birth. These phrases exert a great effect individually; however, the "Lost Melody", which was created by mixing all those elements, was said to be powerful enough to save the world from destruction. This legend interested me very much. Music is, by its nature, very mysterious. Any emotions, such as joy, anger, and sadness can be conveyed to the audience. If the ancient tribe knew the effects of the emotions and were manipulating them at will, this is not just a fable. This made me want to hear the "Lost Melody". I completed a piece using all 24 phrases, based on the few clues remaining today. I named this reconstructed piece the "Water Melody". However, I was concerned that it might be used for the wrong purposes. That is why I engraved each phrase on individual stones and named the 24 stones "Resonance Stones". I decided to either entrust them to people I trust, or hide them in dark caves and obscure places all over the world. I created a single "Magic Map", which the resonance Stones would react to. I hope it never falls into the wrong hands. - Leone Friedrich Richter"

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