The West Bose Highway is a road that lies west of the City of Bose. The road connects the City of Bose with another road called the Krone Trail, and it also connects with a second road called the Ravennue Trail. Both those roads leads to different places like the Krone Pass and Ravennue Village respectively. Thunder Quake lies to the side of this road to fight for an optional Bracer sidequest.


The road resides in Liberl Kingdom in the region of Bose. The road itself lies like every other standard road with a road to lay a pathway with surrounding monsters and trees along the areas. Going on the straightforward path west will lead to the Krone Trail while going to an intersection to the north will lead to the Ravennue Trail.

Treasure Chests/Quotes

  • Reviving Balm - "The chest is empty. So very empty. . ."


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