Being one of the strongest corps in Zemuria shows that it’s members are tough. For the regimental commander, Xeno, he fights using a blade rifle where even Fie stated they had only 20 percent chance of beating such an opponent, and that was when such a foe was not being serious. Million even mentioned that the threat level of such an opponent was moved down to level 5, issuing when Xeno and Leonidas were with more members of Zephyr, it may have been higher. But when going further out, activating a skill called War Cry will unleash a jaeger’s real strength in the form of black battle auras; something only high ranking experience jaegers can accomplish.

Battle Scope: Zephyr regimental commander, known as "Trap Master". Fights using traps and a powerful blade rifle.

Arts & Crafts

  • Javelin Throw: Xeno throws off three mechanical javelins in the air, as they land around the targets to sit in place. 
  • Judgement Javelin: A javelin with a bomb attached that’s set to go off. Causes status effects to all caught in the blast.
  • Storm Raid: Xeno will position himself as a whirlwind swirls below his body, then he will dash across while striking his frontal foes with red crescent slashes. Then turns around to aim his blade rifle before firing off round shots, dealing some good amount of damage.
  • Murderous Shot: Zeno aims his blade rifle before marking to lock-on to his targets that are in a straight line. Then fires a powerful red-purple beam shot that impacts the targets, dealing a good amount of damage.
  • Genocide Rain: Xeno will grip three javelins in the left hand, before tossing them up and repeating it again with another three, as six Judgement Javelins will land around the target. Then Xeno will leap upwards before taking aim with his weapon, locks onto the target before firing rapid rounds from the blade rifle. The shots will impact the Judgement Javelins, causing a trigger action of exploding all around the entrap target. But then Xeno will rear his weapon back before diving downwards with a glowing blade to impact the ground, causing a huge explosion eruption to deal great damage on the target. Effect: STR Down.
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