Ymir is a small town featured in the Trails of Cold Steel series and situated at the mountainous parts of Nortia Province of the Erebonian Empire. It is the hometown of Rean Schwarzer and governed by his foster father Baron Teo Schwarzer.


A small town in the mountainous parts of Nortia Province, Ymir is little known as a cold town and governed by Baron Teo Schwarzer. Ymir is also in a distant location of Eisengard Range while its primary transportation is an Orbal Cable Car.

After being left alone in the outskirts of the town, Rean was adopted by the Baron Schwarzer and lived with them in Ymir as a noble with commoner blood. However, with the trait and behavior the town's Baron, their family lived more like a commoner.


Trails of Cold Steel

A small town known for its cold climate and public hot spring foot spa, Ymir made its first debut in the epilogue of Trails of Cold Steel visited by the Class VII for their vacation as a treat of the Royal Family for their involvement in the Battle of Sachsen Iron Mine at Roer.

Trails of Cold Steel II

Ymir became a vital location for the Third Faction, becoming the starting point of their campaign led by Rean and his classmates. Although Ymir stayed in its neutrality on the conflict of the Reformist Faction and Noble Alliance, it was consecutively invaded by the Provincial Army of Albarea in its move to abduct Princess Alfin Reise Arnor only to force the leadership into Duke Albarea from Duke Cayenne.

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