ZERO NO KISEKI Original Soundtrack mini -Elie Edition-
Zero ost mini - elie edition cover
Cover Information
Catalog #
Release Date September 30, 2010 (JP)
August 28, 2011 (CH)
Price 199 RMB
Classification Original Soundtrack
Published by Falcom (JP)
Beijing HappyEver Technology (CH)
Media Format 1CD
Composed by Falcom Sound Team JDK
Arranged by Yukihiro Jindo
Performed by Kanako Kotera, Atsushi Enomoto, Kotarou Hatanaka, Akiko Nagano
Lyrics by Kyo Hifumi
Total Length

The Legend of Heroes: Zero no Kiseki Original Soundtrack mini -Elie Edition- is a mini soundtrack album for the PSP game, The Legend of Heroes: Zero no Kiseki; featuring tracks for the main character Elie MacDowell. It was released as a bundle package in 2 different versions between the Japanese and Chinese releases of the game.


  1. way of life
  2. 叡智への誘い
  3. On The Green Road
  4. Inevitable Struggle
  5. Get Over The Barrier! -Roaring Version-
  6. C.S.P.D -クロスベル警察-
  7. 響きあう心

  1. way of life -Opening Version-
  2. way of life
  3. Arc-en-ciel
  4. ルバーチェ商会
  5. 黒月貿易公司
  6. Terminal Room
  7. 忘れられし幻夢の狭間
  8. 陽の熱情
  9. 月の慕情
  10. 童心
  11. 運命の刻
  12. 譲れぬ想い
  13. 幾千の夜を越えて
  14. 夜明け~大団円


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