The Zar Shrine (ザールの祠 Zaaru no Hokora) of the spirit Zar lies below the graveyard south of Kanaphia. Madram is the current guardian of the shrine. It is here where Avin and company meet with the spirit Zar.



When arriving at Dominique's grave, Madram shows up and challenges Avin to a sword fight. Whoever wins in battle will receive the Sacred Treasures. Madram is able to defeat Avin, temporarily, and takes the Sacred Treasures down to the Shrine of Zar. As he reaches the gate, Borgeid arrives and mentions how he was the one who killed Dominique. Madram goes into rage but is defeated. Avin and the group run down and Madram gives them the sacred treasures back and opens the gate to the shrine. They run down and see Borgeid who is trying to corrupt Zar as he did with the other spirits. A fight ensues and Borgeid is seemingly defeated, but he soon surges with power and injues Avin and Rutice, with Gawaine and Michel Lap Haven putting up shields to protect them. Madram arrives and reveals to Borgeid a secret weapon he had been carrying, a tiny crimson fire that was going to be a jewel for Dominique for her birthday. Madram asks for forgiveness, jumps on Borgeid and detonates defeating Borgeid once and for all.

The group proceeds in and Zar, respecting Madram's wishes, gives them Ispied as well as fire spirit magic. He then forges the sword Elucion with the six body parts of Bardus.

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