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Zeiss Central Factory Logo

The Zeiss Central Factory (ツァイス中央工房 Tsaisu Chūō Kōbō), abbreviated as "ZCF", is the main orbment production and research facility in Zeiss, Liberl. Since its establishment, various orbal innovations have come out of its various workshops such as the country's first airship. Zeiss is built around the Central Factory, with its factory chief acting as the de facto mayor of the Zeiss region.


The Central Factory is divided into seven levels: five floors, the rooftop, and a basement connected to the Kaldia Tunnel. Because the factory sits on a high hill, access from the Air-Letten Checkpoint must be elevated. From the city itself, access to the Central Factory, as well as the city's landing port, is provided by two large escalators. The factory's various facilities are as follows:

  • The first floor houses the reception area and orbment workshop.
  • The second floor houses the design room and the Factory Chief's office.
  • The third floor houses the archives and workshop.
  • The fourth floor houses the infirmary and laboratory.
  • The fifth floor houses the operations room, where the orbal computer Capel is located. It also contains access to the fifth floor deck.

A stairwell is built on the building's eastern wing.


In S.1190, the ZCF and the Epstein Foundation publicly announces their joint-venture on the Orbal Network Project, where Epstein collaborates with the Crossbell government to realise their initiation.


Trails in the Sky

SC - During the Orbal Shutdown Phenomenon, the stairs provide Estelle and her group with access to each of the Central Factory's floors instead of the elevators.

Notable People

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