A lizard-like cryptid with countless parasitic spores on its body, which it spreads with a loud roar.

In-game description of Zelvenom, the Gluttonous Lizard.

Zelvenom, the Gluttonous Lizard, is a cryptid found in Lohengrin Castle.


Zelvenom is a cryptid, a creature from another realm of existence.


Rean and the team enter the castle to find Emma and Laura fighting a cryptid, which the two defeat. Not long after the creature's demise, Zelvenom appears from a portal or vortex of energy. Emma questions where the being came from and the rest of the group join in to battle the beast, defeating it.


Zelvenom has a small area of effect poison attack Emit Poison. It also uses a large area of effect attack called Abyss Wave as well as Stamp. The cryptid can perform a single attack with its tail. It is vulnerable to Mirage magic.

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