Zephyr Emblem
Zephyr (西風の旅団 Nishikaze no Ryoudan) was once a prominent Jaeger Corps in western Zemuria of the Trails Series. Led by the Rutger Claussell, the Jaeger King, it eventually disbanded after the mutual deaths of its leader and the Red Constellation's War God after what seemed to be a "final duel."


Strongly described as the most skilled Jaeger Corps, it became one of Western Zemuria's legends who can face against the monstrous "Red Constellation." They clashed several times for the title of the "continent's strongest" until their roads crossed again due to their respective clients. Deciding to settle things once and for all, both leaders pitted against each other in a fierce duel for three days and three nights straights, where they eventually both fell. Without their leader, the corps disbanded after its members scattered leaving the leader's adopted daughter, Fie Claussell, orphaned once again till she was found by Sara Valestein who enrolled her into Thors Military Academy's Class VII.

While Fie enjoys life at the academy, members Xeno and Leonidas were witnessed elsewhere as they were seen as hired bodyguards of Duke Cayenne. Later revealed to be affiliating with the Noble Alliance as seen in the outbreak of the Erebonian Civil War. According to Xeno and Leonidas[1], they tell Fie that all the other members are taking action in an unknown plan to "recover the leader."

Members List

Name Nickname Customized Weapon Status
Rutger Claussell 猟兵王 (Jaeger King) Buster Glaive[2] Deceased ???[2]
Fie Claussell 西風の妖精 (Sylphid) Twin Gunswords Active/Removed
Xeno 罠使い (Trap Master) Blade Rifle Active/Scattered
Leonidas 破壊獣 (Behemoth) Machine-Gun Gauntlet Active/Scattered
Garcia Ross キリングベア (Kiling Bear) N/A Defected


  • In the Japanese version, the corps name is spelled "Zevphyr" but corrected from the localized release.
  • Only up till the Cold Steel trilogy is Fie's origins and her ties to the corps are revealed.


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