Zero no Kiseki EVO Original Soundtrack
Zero no Kiseki EVO OST Cover
Cover Information
Catalog #
Release Date November 30, 2012
Price 2,940 JPY
Classification Original Soundtrack, Vocal
Published by Falcom
Media Format 3CDs
Composed by Falcom Sound Team JDK
Arranged by Yukihiro Jindo, Noriyuki Kamikura, Wataru Sato, N.G.Fellowship, Ryo Noguchi
Performed by Kanako Kotera,
Kohei Wada
Masaru Teramae
Daisuke Miyazaki
Noriyuki Kamikura
Taku Furukawa
Akiko Nagano
Akiko Igaki
Ryo Noguchi
Kayoko Yuasa
Shuhei Hamasaki
Kaori Suzuki
Toshiharu Okajima
Naomu Soeda
Kota Tagaki
Lyrics by Kyo Hifumi
Total Length 71:53 mins (Disc 1)
67:13 mins (Disc 2)
71:19 mins (Disc 3)
The Legend of Heroes: Zero no Kiseki EVOLUTION Original Soundtrack (英雄伝説 零の軌跡 Evolution オリジナルサウンドトラック Eiyuu Densetsu Zero no Kiseki Evoryushon Originaru Saundotoracku) is the soundtrack album for The Legend of Heroes: Zero no Kiseki - Evolution, the PSVITA remake of the same title.

Thus the soundtrack album contains the same BGM tracks from the original Zero no Kiseki Original Soundtrack, with bonus improvised tracks.


  1. way of life -ZERO NO KISEKI Evolution opening version-
  2. Scene of a Street Corner
  3. C.S.P.D. -Crossbell Police-
  4. Geofront
  5. Get Over The Barrier!
  6. This Is Our Power!
  7. Special Support Section
  8. Tomorrow the Wind to the Future Will Blow
  10. IGNIS
  11. Points and Lines
  12. On The Green Road
  13. Lemonade in Hand
  14. Armorica Village
  15. Afternoon in Crossbell
  16. Water, Plants and the Blue Sky
  17. Arrest the Criminal
  18. The Wind from Liberl
  19. St. Ursula Medical College
  20. The Way of the Tree Spirit
  21. The Mining Village of Mainz
  22. Gleam of Septium
  23. Caught Between Major Powers
  24. Arc-en-ciel
  25. Revache & Co.
  26. Heiyue Trade Company
  27. Terminal Room
  28. Between Forgotten Visions
  29. way of life -ZERO NO KISEKI Evolution opening version- (Less Vocal)

  1. Ardor of the Sun
  2. Yearning of the Moon
  3. Naivete
  4. Fated Time
  5. Unconveyable Feelings
  6. Over a Thousand Nights
  7. Daybreak ~ Grand Finale
  8. Founding Anniversary
  9. Balloons and Confetti
  10. Critical Situation
  11. Foolish Gig
  12. Intense Chase
  13. Underground Kids
  14. Limit Break
  15. Crossing the Iron Bridge
  16. Peril
  17. Formidable Enemy
  18. Stand Up Battle Formation Again!
  19. Feelings Crushed...
  20. Paradise
  21. Schwarz Auction
  22. Protected Will
  23. Probability of Precipitation 10%
  24. Crossbell Cathedral
  25. A Bell That Cannot Ring
  26. During Mission Accomplishment
  27. Tender Heart
  28. way of life -unknown version-

  1. Gazing at Your Back
  2. Killing Bear
  3. Ancient Pulsation
  4. Temptation of Wisdom
  5. Demonic Drive
  6. Gnosis
  7. The Starry Sky Misty in the Night
  8. Resonating Heart
  9. Someday, Surely
  10. Inevitable Struggle
  11. Firm Strength
  12. Get Over The Barrier! -Roaring Version-
  13. A Light Illuminating The Depths
  14. Advancing Bravery
  15. Arrival Existence
  16. Fulfilled Feelings
  17. Their Tomorrows
  18. New Days
  19. Cerulean Blue Romance
  20. Omen
  21. Zero no Kiseki
  22. way of life -ZERO NO KISEKI Evolution Full Version-
  23. Cerulean Blue Romance (Less Vocal)


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