A dragon-like fiend from the Dark Ages made of bone. Sprays dark breath and has the power to shake space itself.

In-game description of Dark Dragon Zoro-Agruga.


According to Erebonian folklore and history, the Dark Dragon known as Zoro-Argura emerged from the abyss beneath the Heimdallr. It's said that its black miasma turned Heimdallr into a city of the dead, with the dragon manipulating the corpses and using them to attack the living.


The Dark Dragon is said to have devastated Heimdallr in S. 371 and claimed many lives. The ruling emperor at that time, Hector I, accidentally stumbled into the depths of the Valflame Palace and awakened the Divine Knight Testa-Rossa, also called the Vermillion Knight. He and Testa-Rossa fought a successful victory against the Dark Dragon at a heavy cost which cursed the Divine Knight due to Zoro-Agruga's blood while it remains was left inside Heimdallr's Catacombs. Testa-Rossa in turn became uncontrollable and eventually named as a catastrophic monstrosity, and again sealed inside the Valflame Palace.

In the events of the Trails of Cold Steel, it was reanimated by Gideon with the use of the Demonic Flute to fight Class VII. However it did not regained its original strength and abilities, leaving it as a forgotten Bone Dragon that has left to fade from the history of Erebonia.



  • Attacks with it’s front claws in inflicting damage effects, and which also takes the damage of others to heal it’s self. But it has other abilities and can cast Arts.
  • Dark Breath: Exhales a dark purple mist breath that inflicts damage to targets. Effect: POISON.
  • Great Quake: Lifts up it’s front side, and slams down on the ground. Causing a seismic quake that impacts all targets with some considerable damage.


  • Grim Butterfly: Summons dark butterflies around all targets, inflicting a large sum of damage. Effect: SLEEP.
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